Guiding Principles

  1.  A world-class robust education should be available to every student regardless of where they live or their economic status.
  2. Virtual-reality and technology-based learning are not saviors for education, but new and exciting tools for disseminating great teaching, concepts, experiences and activities.
  3. The time teachers spend with students, whether in real life or a virtual world, should be interactive and engaging.
  4. The immersive nature of virtual reality is a promising way for students to experience education  as compared to a traditional screen-based platform or a large classroom setting.
  5. Students should be empowered to choose an education that meets their needs and is flexible in supporting a student’s college, career and life interests.
  6. There is a perfect teacher for every student in every subject--technology today can facilitate these matches.
  7. Great teachers have so much more to offer to the field than can be provided one classroom at a time.

These core beliefs are foundational at Level Up.