Level Up is taking a new approach
to school.

Level Up is designing a school experience, initially focused on high school, where students receive a mobile but immersive education. The model combines elements from the best traditional schools with technical advantages of online learning. By bringing this all together in a virtual world we are seeing in early tests that students are more engaged, receive more individual attention (even though the teacher may be thousands of miles away) and can be done at a lower cost and with fewer operational challenges then a typical school.

This will all happen from the convenience of a home, local learning center, or school.

Level Up Use Cases

Level Up is finding several compelling use cases for a virtually reality based learning environment.

In November, the team began surveying leaders of existing school systems and have found a need for the model. By January 2018, the team plans to complete the analysis of various approaches and focus on a key target market. As of now, the three leader use cases are as follows:

1. Course Access For Existing Schools

Many rural and small high schools are not able to offer Advanced Placement (AP) classes or advanced math and science courses to their students due to budget constraints, limited access to qualified teachers or low class enrollment. Level Up will set up a virtual reality lab at the school and students will be able to choose from a wide variety of classes that far exceed the offerings at any traditional high school

2. Hybrid Schools In Communities Lacking Quality Options

In many places, the idea of a single school serving a distinct neighborhood is no longer practical. Schools are not necessarily located where students live and the costs of maintaining large buildings and associated operations can be prohibitive. Level Up may open many small hybrid storefront schools throughout cities. Students will receive instruction and participate in discussion groups virtually, but they will also have access to these physical locations to complete group work, receive counseling and tutoring services, and participate in clubs and sports. The network of small schools will allow students who move frequently to do so without disrupting their education. The cost savings of having smaller facilities will allow for more robust support services.

3. Fully Immersive and Mobile Virtual School

Level Up may also decide to create self contained virtual schools. Within a few years, the technology and the curriculum has the potential to provide an educational experience that is on par with the quality of instruction at the best high schools across the country and supersedes the best cases of online learning. Students will have access to virtual counseling and hundreds of virtual field trips that supplement every aspect of their learning. Level Up would be able to bring a high quality education to the home of students everywhere.